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About us

When you're looking for technical or maintenance services, either for your home or business, you ask yourself the following questions: Which company may be a suitable one for the job? How can I trust it? What knowledge does it have? How much is going to cost me? These, and many other questions, are the ones that come to your mind every time you need maintenance services, and you don't know who to turn to. Let me explain each one of them.


What's a suitable company? The right company is one that has, but is not limited to, each and every one of the following qualities:


Reliable: Respects, is kind, courteous, upright and confidential.

Committed: Is punctual, sharp and handy.

Communicative: It maintains a clear and close communication with its associates.

Comprehensive: Understands the need of the associate, and makes it its own.

Knowledgeable: Possesses the necessary certifications and experience for the requested service.


The fact is that today is extremely important not to lose sight of any of the above qualities. HandShake does'nt only possess such qualities, but it always keeps improving them, to better serve all its associates.


How to trust it? It's very important to listen to what your associates say. Positive comments are not always easily available; people tend to focus on the negative. However, if you find very positive feedback it is because the service was so remarkable that people took the time to recommend them. That's why at HandShake we let our services speak for themselves.


What knowledge does it have? Many times, people risk their properties contracting people without the proper certifications needed for the job. That is why it is important that, if you are going to contract someone for any service that requires a specific certification, check before requesting the same. At HandShake we are committed to providing the best services, with the best trained and certified personnel, to ensure the best quality.


How much is it going to cost? That's the question that many times you ask yourself first, and you start by looking for the cheapest thing. This usually creates discomfort when the people you contracted didn't do a good job, leaving it unfinished, or even causing damage to the very expensive equipment, which then it becomes more expensive. The ideal thing to do is to find a company that meets your needs, and that charges what's right for the service. That's why HandShake is committed to providing quality service at a reasonable cost. In fact, the commitment is such that HandShake has created an innovative way to collect your services, so you can feel completely peaceful, making comfortable monthly and automatic payments.


Finally, and as people say, "the paper holds everything." The most important thing is to know for yourself what they are saying, having the experience of judging what they've written. For this reason, we invite you to give the opportunity to HandShake; It will be as only way you'll be able to judge our services; you will not regret it. Feel the security you've always wanted; trust us!


Why HandShake? Because HandShake, always gives you a hand!

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